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About CardSpur
CardSpur connects consumers with gift cards to shopping tips and offers to get those gift cards used. Consumers want to get more out of their gift cards through deals and offers. Merchants want their cards to be fully redeemed in a timely fashion. CardSpur helps both sides get what they want – a fulfilled shopping experience.

Over the last two decades, since the commercial use of the world wide web started, many websites have emerged to help consumers shop favorite brands. The people spending the money are discretionary shoppers using traditional means of credit cards and other online payment forms. CardSpur recognized that no one out there worked to support those with gift cards.

Gift card shoppers are different – they have a specific amount of money to spend at a specific location. A gift card for Nordstrom could not be used at Walmart, etc. Therefore with that money in hand there is a much different sense of how to use those funds. CardSpur is here to help.

Back in 2012, a plan was developed for a free and easy-to-use platform that would make shopping with a gift card not only easy, but also create more value for all parties involved. The idea was affirmed when it was entered into a global business case contest (CauseCode’s 500 Hours) and placed second amongst 72 teams from around the world. Today the business is growing each day thanks to users like you.

Kevin Strawbridge founded CardSpur based on an extensive background in accounting, retail and running a US top 15 deals and coupons website. Here is an example of Kevin’s passion for helping people save time and money when shopping online –

Kevin Strawbridge Talking Holiday Savings

In the end, it matters not who we are but what we do to provide you with top-notch service and a way to unlock the value in your unused gift cards.

We are based in Frisco, Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex) with access to resources that is bringing CardSpur to all of those that want the full value of a gift.

We are fortunate to have developed great relationships with merchants literally around the world. You can see those on the website. Behind the scenes we work with the best performance marketing networks in the world – ShareaSale, Rakuten–Linkshare, Commission Junction, and ebay Enterprise.

Thank you for being here. You are welcome back any time. We will always be looking for ways to help you. If we are missing the mark, please let us know – Contact Us.